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Teachers in 1:1 schools have a wealth of performance data on their PCs. This data becomes an "early warning system" or leading indicator for teachers, identifying the students who require additional attention and even specifying the sections that are proving troublesome. In addition, 1:1's individualized approach to learning enables teachers to fine-tune their course materials as needed based on class comprehension and retention.

Additionally, having student-specific data online allows educators to share results with parents easily and at any time during the learning period. For parents and teachers, 1:1 could also be called the "no surprises" approach to learning. No longer will a parent have to wait until report cards come out to know how a student is performing.

Finally, individualized performance data can be "rolled up" to show trends across classes,
departments, schools, districts and even states. This same data also proves invaluable as school
systems and districts quantify their results for state regulators and local boards of education.

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