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Opportunities to fine-tune your 1:1 program abound in the curriculum area. It is here that you can tailor your curriculum and electronic courseware to take into account the need to satisfy state standards and academic testing mandates. For example, past testing may have identified particular areas of academic concern. You'll want to use 1:1 as an opportunity to strengthen or even expand time spent in those areas.

You may decide to emphasize certain learning areas to prepare your students for success in specialized local job markets.

For example, if your students need English as a second language training or if manufacturing jobs dominate the local job market, now is the time to build instruction around those specialized requirements via your 1:1 curriculum. This phase of 1:1 preparation provides schools with an opportunity to enlist educational experts, civic leaders and hiring companies in a truly collaborative curriculum-setting process designed to equip students with marketable, in-demand skill sets.

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